The PicoSEC Marie-Curie Network's outreach and communication activity at a glance:

The brochures

Introduction to the Network and the project and first scientific results

The videos

What is PicoSEC and the researchers' "PicoSEC experience"

Articles on CERN Bullettin

The important steps of the Project's activity

PicoSEC posters

Scientific and Outreach descriptions of PicoSEC activity

Outreach in schools

PicoSEC's core activity explained to the students

Institutes' Open Days

PicoSEC researchers talk about PicoSEC at Open Days


The PicoSEC-MCNet brochures:

PicoSEC-MCNet overview - brochure: an overview of the project, its scientific work and its people.

PicoSEC-MCNet scientific achievements - brochure: the scientific project and the results of of the PicoSEC-MCNet work.

The PicoSEC-MCNet videos:

PicoSEC-MCNet overview - video: a brief introduction to the PicoSEC-MCNet Project, particularly focusing on the scientific aim and content, the laboratory activities at the different Institutes and Companies and the Network organisation.

The PicoSEC experience - video: the PicoSEC researchers talk about their experience of being part of the Network for four years and the Coordinator and SB chair comment on the scientific and cultural aspects of the project.


The articles on PicoSEC for the CERN Bullettin:

Crystals' added value, by Antonella del Rosso (March 19, 2012)


[online version] [pdf version]

New researchers for applied physics, by Rita Giuffredi (October 8, 2012)


[online version] [pdf version]

No speed limits in medical imaging (and High-Energy Physics), by Rita Giuffredi & Tom Meyer (November 27, 2015)


[online version] [pdf version]


Posters on PicoSEC-MCNet:

Poster prepared by Farah Ben Mimoun Bel Hadj (ESR3) and Mythra Varun Nemallapudi (ESR2) to show the Project to the European Commissioner Mrs. Androulla Vassilliou, who visited CERN in April 2013.

Poster on PicoSEC researchers, their working stations and their home countries, prepared for the Mid Term REview of the Project as well as for CERN OPen Days.: the scientific project and the results of of the PicoSEC-MCNet work.

PicoSEC events for school students:

PicoSEC researchers realized several outreach events in schools, balancing top-down explanations with interactive activities on PicoSEC scientific content and the scientific job in general:

Many researchers, moreover, realized individual outreach events at schools in their home countries.

The PicoSEC researchers participated also to various public events for kids:

PicoSEC participation to Partner Institutes' Open Days:

PicoSEC-MCNet researchers participated to some Partner Institutes Open Days: